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Funky French by Rosalyn Secor, PhD is far more entertaining than a typical French class and far more comprehensive than any “packaged” language program. The methodical way the content is laid out is as original as the humor that permeates it. Blended together, these ingredients serve to hold the reader’s attention and encourage him/her to come back for more. We tend to remember what makes us smile.

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What is Funky French?

Funky French offers an all-inclusive package for learning the target language. Its novel and
humorous approach encompasses basic through advanced levels. While introducing new
material, each chapter reinforces previously presented sentence structures, idioms and

Funky French is laden with clever mnemonics, engaging dialogues and reading passages and entertaining exercises. Those who would like an elementary or refresher course, students who want to supplement classroom instruction and/or review for AP or IB Exams, travelers who wish to feel more comfortable communicating in French-speaking environments and many others will find Funky French to be an indispensable resource.It is the ticket for a unique and rewarding adventure. Bon voyage!

The author, Dr. Rosalyn Secor

Dr. Rosalyn Secor’s credentials span two continents and include several decades of foreign language teaching experience. The author received a BS in Education from Boston University, an MA in French from Columbia University and a doctorate in French from La Sorbonne in Paris, France. Being multi-lingual, she has taught French, Spanish, Latin and English as a Second Language in high schools and colleges in several states as well as in her company, First Quality Second Languages. From 1989 to 1994, the author was the foreign language tutor for young performers employed by Nickelodeon (Universal Studios, Florida) and the more recent Mickey Mouse Club (MGM Studios, Florida).

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The website includes a synopsis of Funky French, a link to the Answer Key, testimonials from colleagues and students, an excerpt from the first chapter (French Pronunciation), Unique Features of Funky French and options for ordering the book.

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